How to Make the Most of Running in Hot Weather

There are many adjustments that you will want to make when you are running in hot weather. One of the most important aspects of hot weather running is to keep your body as cool as possible. You will have to think well ahead of time what your running goals will be in hot weather running. Where are you going to run? How far are you going to run? You will also have to learn to listen to your body.

Sweating after run in heat

When running in hot weather, avoid running during midday. The first thing you should do is start running in the early morning, usually just around day break. This time of the day is cool and it will help you keep cool. Cannot run in the morning? Well, try running at dusk, while not as cool as the early morning, it is better than running in the heat of the day, which you should avoid at the best of times.

Your hot weather running goals will have to change as well. Lower them. There is no way that you will be running in hot weather as fast as in the cool weather. Do not run as fast as in the cooler weather. Maybe you could break up your hot weather running with a little walking. Try walking a lap or two (I usually ran around a sports track) and then run 6 or 7 laps and walk a lap or two. This is especially effective if you have to run in the middle of the day.

In hot weather running wear light clothing, and avoid wearing cotton. Cotton will absorb the sweat, and it could cause chafing of the skin, or worse yet, bleeding of the nipples in men. You should also wear light colored clothing, this helps to reflect the sun, rather than absorbing the sun. There are many good runner’s clothing out there, especially for running in hot weather, check them out!

Remember when running in hot weather to start your run with the wind to your back. When your start running back you will be running into a head wind, which will help you cool off, yes use every little advantage when running in hot weather.

Take a drink before you start out. This will help your body to cool down, before you even start. Make sure you drink lots of water. Drink at least a cup every 10 to 15 minutes. Pour some over your head to keep cool. When running in hot weather, the runner’s body is pumping blood to the skin to keep the runner cool, if you can help your body keep cool, the less your body has to work.

I would often put a wet towel over my head your liquids are exiting your body through your sweat and a wet towel was like putting on a cold wet hat. This helps slow down the body’s heating process, and gives you a few minutes when running in the hot weather, before the sweating process starts up.

When running in the heat make sure you wear some sun block if you are going to be running longer than 15 minutes.

If you can find a place to run in the shade, like the woods, go for it. When you run in the open, you are getting heat from above and if you run on asphalt, you will also be getting heat from the asphalt as well.

If you are running around a park in the heat, learn where the fountains are, these can be a life saver. Drink no less than a cup at a time, and pour as much over your head as possible.

Running is very much a solitary endeavor, but you should find a running buddy. To many runners, to quit because of hot weather running, is a sign of weakness, and many athletes will not succumb until the body has completely shuts down. This is when need some one to tell you to slow down, walk or even to quit running in hot weather. There is nothing worse than going through the phases of heat exhaustion by yourself. You could be so delirious, that you will not recognize the start of a heat stroke. Make sure you take a cell phone, when running in hot weather, in case you need to call for medical help. Do not be stubborn. If your body wants you to slow down, slow down. I know how hard it is walk rather than run, but your body can easily cramp up, and then you will be lucky if you can walk. Once the cramping starts up, you actually might have entered into the first stage of heat stroke, which can result in death. So, if your body tells you it has had enough hot weather running, quit running!

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