How to Avoid Treadmill Burnout

From physical rehabilitation to weight loss, many adults use treadmills on a daily basis, with most using them in fitness facilities, gyms, or in their own homes. Treadmills are a convenient way to run.

Running on treadmill

As a great piece of fitness equipment, we find the use of a treadmill to be effective at not only controlling and managing our running workouts but also providing feedback on our calories burned, timing, and the extent to which we are working on inclines and declines.

While most running enthusiasts prefer running in the great outdoors, treadmills are a solid option when running outside is not possible.

A New Age Problem: Treadmill Burnout

For many fitness enthusiasts, especially those new to the world of fitness routines, there is a marked risk for treadmill burnout. If you are using a treadmill on a daily basis, it is important to become familiar with the signs of burnout and how you can negate the effects.

Be Realistic With Goals

Small goals are a common mistake that we make with fitness programs and especially when using a treadmill. While small goals are important, they must be realistic and should not force you into treadmill use that is going to be stressful and create a feeling of dread about using the treadmill. So, the first step to avoiding treadmill burnout, is to set up small goals but make them as realistic and achievable as possible while also incorporating them into a larger weight loss and fitness goal plan.

Switch It Up On Occasion

Boredom is another factor that leads to treadmill burnout. If you find that you are becoming bored with your treadmill usage, it may be time to either change the fitness treadmill program settings or even consider walking or running outside. By changing up your routine for a few days, you can overcome the hurdle of boredom and be back on your way to recovering your excitement about the fitness program using the treadmill.

Be Consistent with Exercising but Spontaneous within Workouts

When using the treadmill, if you found that you initially set aside times and days that seem to make the treadmill a priority, and then those days and times fell to the wayside, this may be indicative of a burnout process. Be sure to always set your schedule around a realistic expectation that fits into your sleep cycle, your work schedule and your family life. If you find that you are not keeping to your original schedule, it may be time to break up your treadmill usage into smaller times throughout the day or even to move the times to an alternate time of day. At no point should you cease use but recognize that lack of priority, especially if it once was present, could be indicative of burn out.

Treadmills are a favorite piece of household fitness equipment and are the most popular items used in gyms and fitness facilities. When attempting to lose weight, or simply to get in better shape, be sure to incorporate a treadmill as part of your cardio workout but recognize that burnout could be a possibility and know what the signs of treadmill burnout may be.

Running is a great activity for your health and wellness. Treadmills can make running throughout the year more manageable. But be sure not to overdo it.